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یہ ایک سیب ہے

In Field Notes, How on 6 January 2013 at 12:51 pm

یہ ایک سیب ہے
(This is an apple)

from Kashif, Abbu to 3-month-old Salsabiel in Boston

Regarding playing with Salsabiel, she is 3 months old so it is mostly me trying to entertain her and also see if I can teach her something. Most of the time I make nonsense sounds to make her laugh and smile but also I try to have conversations with her as if she is understanding what I am saying. I talk to her about my books, recite her some Urdu poetry, sing her songs, and we also take her with us to places that we visit like meetings, protests, etc.

This is an apple!

Kashif likes to take everyday items and activities and go over them and explain them to Salsabiel in Urdu… here is a moment I captured of him showing her what a سیب (apple) is and how to eat it…
as you can see she is beside herself with the prospect of trying it one day 🙂
Photo and caption provided by Zainab Lakhani

AskAmma thanks Kashif for sharing this note, part of a series on Play.
Gentle Reader, how do you play?  AskAmma will feature selected stories every Wednesday.


  1. Marvelous.


  2. One day that apple and a set of little teeth will intersect like two circles …


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