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Diaper-Free Reading List

In Books on 3 April 2013 at 8:25 am

When he wets or defecates, she may laugh, and as she is seldom alone, so do her companions, and she holds the infant away from her as quickly as she can until he finishes.  It is a sort of game to see how fast she can hold him away, but the laughter is louder when she gets the worst of it.  Water sinks into the dirt floor in moments and excrement is cleared away immediately with leaves.

Jean Liedloff, The Continuum Concept, p. 55

Though I was surrounded, as a young mother, by people who, like the indigenous people Liedloff described, did not use diapers, I got key support for going diaper-free from online sources.  Why rely on internet help to get back to nature?Well – to people who consider going diaper-free a no-brainer, it would be weird to entertain questions from someone trying to analyze and evaluate the process of getting there.  Nothing like an online forum to allow for truly silly questions, to offer congratulations even for the most minor achievements, or encouragement during low times.   And evolutionary underpinnings of the potty pause.

I used a forum called Elimination Communication to get me started.   A year later I reported my experience in an article called Decommissioning the Diaper, posted in India Together, linking diaper-free care to the social and environmental context in which we bring up a child.  To get an idea of what’s at stake, read Mothering’s The Politics of Diapers,  Diaper Free Baby’s Short History of EC and Mother Jones’ Brief History of Disposable Diapers.

Diaper Free Baby offers online resources as well as a network of local support groups, some of which have their own sites, like this one from Vancouver: Skippers (Skip the Diapers).

You will find a number of books on Diaper Free hygiene and there is a chapter on it in Mayim Bialik’s Beyond the Sling as well.  You should try to have your local library stock these books so that more parents might become aware that diapers are unnecessary and in fact we are better off without them.


  • Ingrid Bauer, Diaper Free: The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene
  • Laurie Boucke, Infant Potty Training: A Gentle and Primeval Method Adapted to Modern Living
  • Christine Gross-Loh, The Diaper-Free Baby: The Natural Toilet Training Alternative


I Don’t Believe in Potty Pause from Diaper Free … The Other Side of the Moon
Decommissioning the Diaper, in India Together
What are the EC Essentials?

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