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Ups and downs, even upside down!

In Field Notes on 9 August 2013 at 6:39 pm

Heartfelt salute to Chetana Amma, who valiantly trooped through serious difficulties to breastfeed her daughter!  Three years later, they are still going strong!  Chetana reflects on the ups and downs.  Her story will offer inspiration and comfort to many who seek support in times of difficulty.

Chetana Disha KarthikUPDATE:  Chetana’s story with pictures appears in The Alternative.    And it all started from her blog,  Ups and downs, even upside down!.

I was fast asleep. Something mushy and soft was pressing against my face. I tried to brush it away. Then realized that it was D’s stomach. Her head was on my chest, blissfully breastfeeding upside down. I then flipped her, snuggled close and went right back to sleep.

Read on ….

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