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“The sling became part of my attire”

In What on 10 July 2014 at 7:47 pm

“This sling became part of my attire, like an essential thing that you can’t forget when you get out of the house.”

– Rajitha Gopinath, Mumbai

Rajitha and Kavya at sunset

Rajitha and Kavya

Rajitha, Amma to 3 year-old Kavya and newborn Karthik, knows how to make the most of available resources.  Reminding us of the lovely places to explore in Mumbai, she writes about Parks of Mumbai.  You can see her here taking in the sunset with her daughter, who rides along in a simple sling that Rajitha fashioned with sturdy wooden bangles.   Unlike any other ring sling I have ever seen, this requires no sewing and you can get it ready to wear in a minute.

Here she and Rushabh wear their two little ones, Kavya and Karthik respectively.

More on slings: 

Make Your Own Ring Sling.  In which Rajitha shows how she made her ring sling in just a minute!

Why I Love my Ring Sling
Nursing in the Sling
Free Sling (without rings)

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