Ask Amma


Inspired by friends and our little ones, Ask Amma passes along wit and wisdom gleaned through practice, trial and error, reading, and reflection. Highlights from the questions and answers that appear on this site are available in monthly newsletter format – sign up here.   Ask Amma is written by Aravinda, also known, since 2003, as Amma.  Readers are invited to comment on the posts on this site.

Send your questions on health, hygiene, learning, discipline, sleep, sanity, serendipity, chaos and any other aspect of parenting, real or imaginary to

Reader,  you are encouraged to share what you find on this site with your own child(ren), and hear their thoughts.  You are also encouraged to talk with your doctor, nurse or dai, as well as your mother, father, grandmother, great-uncle, letter carrier or sabji-wala about any of the information offered here.  

Please note that while I write from my heart and from my experience, I have no medical qualification.   (Honestly, it had not occurred to me that anyone might think I did!) Stories shared here are never meant to substitute for your own honest introspection or for medical advice.   Though I trust your judgment too much to believe that you would need a disclaimer from me, let me say:  please consult your doctor or midwife for your individual needs.

If you find an error on this site, kindly tell me.

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