Unbelievable Entertainment

Sridhar,┬áNanna of Shishir in┬áIrvine shares delightful moments from life with his 2 year-old buddy –┬áwho┬áno longer fits into the palm … More

The Play School Dilemma

Children, at home or outside, will sometimes play school just as they sometimes play doctor or play shop. This does not mean that they need a doctor or school to tell them how to play, any more than they need a shop to provide things to play with. These are fictional worlds within they create roles and spaces, invent problems and try out solutions.

Playful moods

Aashish Sangoi, Papa of little Ananya in the San Francisco Bay area, shares some moments from his first few weeks … More

Bicycle for two

Bicycle for Two from Somnath, Baba to 5-year old Adrita in Arlington, Massachusetts Developed with direct inputs from Adrita: I … More