Why I love my ring sling

The ring sling is easy to adjust. I could extend it so that she could nurse and then tighten it so that she could put her head on my shoulder to sleep. It is also easy-in, easy out. If I wanted to transfer her, asleep, to the bed with minimal disturbance, I could just lay her down, sling and all, and slip my head out.


The SLING is the the thing I find myself recommending most often. As they say, लाख़ दुखों की एक दवा है, क्यों ना आज़माएँ?

Make your own ring sling

It is fairly easy to sew your own ring sling. The key is to get good sturdy rings. Just get 2 1/4 metres of fabric. If you are tall or if you like having a bit of cloth to use as an an extra layer when it is chilly, then get 2 1/2 metres.

40 days old baby, wants to be held

Believe me, I’ve had to answer my share of people, including people I’d met just five minutes before, tsk-tsking me for carrying my daughter. While many (many!) tart responses used to come to mind, I settled for the unruffled smile which said it all.