Early chapter books?

Just because a child has started reading well, you should not leave the picture book section. Alongside early chapter books, newly fluent readers and their families have a wealth of literature to explore.

How children learn to eat

Breastfeeding is a child’s first introduction to the flavor of everything the family eats. The longer children breastfeed, the more time they have to get acquainted with foods through their mothers’ milk. Breastfeeding also serves as a safety net ensuring that nutritional needs are met, allowing leisurely adoption of new foods.

The Play School Dilemma

Children, at home or outside, will sometimes play school just as they sometimes play doctor or play shop. This does not mean that they need a doctor or school to tell them how to play, any more than they need a shop to provide things to play with. These are fictional worlds within they create roles and spaces, invent problems and try out solutions.