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Ask questions, vent, support one another on health, hygiene, learning, discipline, sleep, sanity, serendipity, chaos and other aspects of parenting, real or imaginary.

To Join Ask Amma googlegroup where questions lead to more questions, and answers also lead to more questions, please complete this form:

History:  Inspired by questions and answers, from herself and fellow travellers walking the path of continuum family living, and practicing values of peace and justice as one integrated one’s own microcosmic world of the family into the wider world, Aravinda started AskAmma as a blog in 2010.  The googlegroup served as a means to send the blog posts in a digest form to all of the subscribers.
Due to popular demand, in 2013 this google group has become interactive, so that all members may post and respond to one another.  Actually this was possible all along but the content appeared primarily in newsletter format.  You may post a question, comment, share a good book or article.  If you would like to post a question only for the blog, send a message to  You may also send a question using the form above.  If selected, your question and response will appear on this site.
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  1. Excellent idea using amaranth. You can also mix the amaranth floor in chappati.


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