EC 101

Infant hygiene is one of many departments where Ayi and Baba alike can take care of the baby’s needs, and diaper-free hygiene takes care of the need to be heard as well as the need to stay clean.

EC Cues and Signals

When we see a baby’s fussing, squirming and other actions as similar to a child’s saying “I need to go to the bathroom,” then the way we respond can help baby associate these calls for help with the resulting hygiene practices – being taken to potty and cleaned promptly. What started as an involuntary signal gradually turns into communication.

Diaper-Free Reading List

Though I was surrounded, as a young mother, by people who, like the indigenous people Liedloff described, did not use diapers, I got key support for going diaper-free from online sources. Why rely on internet help to get back to nature?