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What Santa Brings

In What on 25 December 2010 at 1:40 pm

Do your children believe in Santa? If not, how to reply to "What is Santa bringing you?"

Ask Amma excerpts the answer posted here below. You may read the celebrated 1897 reply here.

The spin given to "being good" and "getting presents" (esp the linking) is irksome, but one can deftly undermine it – if asked, "What is Santa bringing you?" why not just say, "a White Christmas!" or "comfort and joy," "great times with my family" and the like. That should bring a smile to all.

The art of replying to questions with ease serves all parents well, but especially those of us swimming against the current. Whether the question is "Are you still breastfeeding?" or "Are you still carrying her?" or "Is he still sleeping in your bed?" the simple answer usually works: "Oh yes!" with a bright smile.

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