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How often does a 3-year-old nurse?

In When on 27 October 2011 at 3:48 am

How often does your 3-year-old nurse? My son is 2.5 right now and still nurses ALL THE TIME! At times it is hard – he asks at a most inopportune time and then screams if I say "not now." I don’t want him weaned, I just don’t want him nursing constantly.

This question came up in Mothering, a forum that has helped me consistently. I was so grateful to be nursing when my daughter was 3 because we went through a series of illnesses at that age, as noted in my weaning story (see Announcements below). Just the other day my neighbour in Mumbai confided to me, almost shyly, that she nursed her daughter till age three-and-a-half. Our kids are only 6 months apart, we were both nursing three-year olds in the same neighbourhood, and did not even know it at the time! While chatting with her I learned that her mother and grandmother had set the example for her unrestricted nursing. Hurray for families supporting breastfeeding!

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