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Breastfeeding – done yet?

In When on 3 July 2012 at 8:09 pm

My family and friends don’t get why my son needs to nurse so often. I am an older mom and my friends with kids don’t seem to have breastfed much or don’t remember – it was all so long ago. It doesn’t help that I am not getting much else done … I am a type A personality who till last month hardly spent a waking hour at home. No one is asking me to use formula, but they don’t seem to understand why breastfeeding takes so much time! Isn’t he done? they will ask, and I get tense, as if I have to know the answer. I am hoping to continue nursing for years (not just months) and I need positive responses and positive images to keep up my spirits! – new mom in Chicago

New moms of any age are ripe targets for (free) advice. Unless otherwise noted, trust that the adviser means well, wants the best for you, and trusts you in return. This will help you to respond with confidence and a bit of good humour. (Sure would have helped when people asked me “Is it true that you are still …“)

But what if you aren’t really all that confident? As dear Dr. Sears reminds, us, science is on our side:  Extended Breastfeeding:  Handling the Criticism.  For real life support, see if you have a La Leche League nearby.  Most US counties have a chapter, and La Leche League is growing in India as well. Usually they meet monthly and have volunteers who will talk to you on the phone or even visit if needed. Your local hospital may have a breastfeeding support group – just spending time with other nursing moms can be confidence-building. LLL publishes New Beginnings and Breastfeeding Today magazines. The current issue has some treats for fathers, too.

As usual KellyMom is a great source for tips, including how to handle criticism, including one line responses. Art can also come in handy. For example:

From We Can Do It! by Andrea McArdle, we see Riveting Rosie on bf detail, and from Heather Cushman-Dowdee (hurry, hurry!) we get a rare running commentary of what our little ones might be thinking while waiting to latch on …

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