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Baby Monitor

In Wit on 18 December 2012 at 3:45 am

Kids Just Say the Darnedest Things

Baba Damodar from Pune shares this story of his 2 year old daughter:

Once, while watching something on my laptop, she suddenly asked a question (in Marathi), “लॅपटॉपच्या मॉनिटरची आई कोण आहे?” (“Who is the mother of the laptop’s monitor?”)

I was thrown entirely off-guard and was unable to give an answer that would satisfy her. I was discussing this question with my wife, and as we both were trying to make sense of it, she came telling us, “this monitor is the mother of the laptop’s monitor”. The monitor she was pointing to was our PC monitor (22″).

Later, after some time, she announced that the mobile handset screen is a “baby monitor”.

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