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I will carry you till you are 30!

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I will carry you till you are 30!

from Srinadh, Daddy to 4 year-old Anika and 4-month old Aanya in Dallas

Some of the things the girls and I do together:

Aanya seems to have developed a strong attachment to her Dad’s shoulder as a place to hang out, be carried with her eyes wide open and content and eventually doze off (no matter the time of day)!   This has been a source of tension with other members of the family who complain that they then are expected to put her to sleep in this manner too and that they would much rather do it in less expensive ways 🙂

She unfailingly smiles at her Dad each time I look at her. If I look at her 50 times, I get 50 smiles back!

With Anika, I read her 2 or 3 story books each night, sometimes sing her a song and then she sleeps. Anika and I share a bed as the little one sleeps with her Mom. We might all get back into the same bedroom at some point soon.

If I see that Anika is getting too wound up about something, I try to distract her and sometimes take her out and just change the pace.

I still carry her a lot and I have told her I will carry her even when she is 30 years old which she finds very funny 🙂

During Christmas time, I would take her to see lights that other people had put up. She enjoyed this a lot during the recent holidays.

These are some of the things we do together.

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  1. Beautiful!

    Reminds me of these lines …

    ధరణికి గిరి భారమా
    గిరికి తరువు భారమా
    తరువుకు కాయ భారమా
    కనిపెంచే తల్లికి పిల్ల భారమా

    You can hear Balasaraswati Devi garu sing this – her strong assuring voice will carry you like a baby:


  2. Very beautiful indeed. Daughters are special.


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