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Bicycle for two

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Bicycle for Two
from Somnath, Baba to 5-year old Adrita in Arlington, Massachusetts

Developed with direct inputs from Adrita:

I am very careful to not hurt the plants and the trees so I go with my Baba on the bicycle wherever we can. Of course it cannot be negative 16 deg C when we use the bicycle. But we can still walk to school in negative 16 deg C…well I walk half the way and Baba walks the full way and I sit on his shoulders the other half of the way. During the last snow we made a snow-woman which stayed for a long time with pebble-eyes and twig-ears.

I really like taking the bus and the train a lot but at times we do have to drive 😦 But when we are in the car we take turns in humming tunes of songs we both know but we distort it intentionally and the other one has to identify the song. I really enjoy this game. We have several Bangla and Hindi songs that we have learnt together. On rare occasions we have also used the boat like the people of Sunderbans.

In the summer and autumn we spend a lot of time outside. We go to the Mystic lake on hot summer days and swim with lots of other people. I like to generally stay in the shallow part while Baba goes for a swim after which he comes back and holds me by the belly so that I can try to swim. I don’t like getting out of water but invariably that happens.

Somnath and Adrita ride to school

Adrita is on the road with Baba

We have lots of parks around our house and we go to at least one park everyday. The parks are named after the AID people who live close to it – Funny park is close to Raju’s house because he is funny. We have Tatha park, Umang park…and of course there are non-AID parks also that we go to on the bicycle.

When spring comes we mix compost in the garden and plant mustard and methi. I love playing in the land while making beds and putting in the seeds. In some time we see baby plants sprouting. Oh, I forgot to say that I like earthworms a lot. I don’t pick them up myself but ask Baba to hold them. When it rains and they get stuck on the road or the pavement we try to pick them up and put them back in the soil. I think they have difficulty moving on the roads.

Lately, we have taken to playing ping pong on the table in our house…I am improving. There are many things I do with my Maa which I will write about in a different post.


AskAmma thanks Somnath for sharing this note, part of a series on Play.
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  1. Hey! Where’s the Khiyali park??!!! 😀 Just kidding, I don’t really want a park named for me!!!! 😉


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