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Baby Box

In What on 5 July 2013 at 8:00 pm

I used Grammarly to check the grammar on this post, because even Ammas can sometimes forget!

As part of the fascination with all things Finnish (or Finlandish as the non-Finnish might be wont to say), we are seeing a number of reports on the Finnish childhood starting with the tradition of the baby box.   A symbol of equality, which this baby box is given to every parent and contains clothes, nappies, etc.  Given that most people will use these items, it has the effect of giving all babies an equal start in life.

We are also learning that Finnish children nap outdoors even when the temperature is below freezing, and have done so for generations, getting their fresh air and being nicely bundled up at the same time.


What is getting in the way of this otherwise unlimited love-fest with the Finnish way is the implication that babies need to sleep in a box.  It is simply not true and it is sad to see the idea being propagated on the back of an otherwise feel-good story on the socially responsible practices of Finland.

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