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The hills were alive with the sound of Tamia….

In News & Notes on 23 March 2015 at 2:40 pm

Tamia Naira Chetana.  Some would say its quite a long name for someone that small. Not quite five months yet, Tamia has gone through quite a bit in this time, justifying the name. “Tamia” is a hill station  in Central Madhya Pradesh surrounded by the lush forests of the Gondwana region. In all likelihood, our second daughter was born there… “Naira” is her birth name, given by her caregivers in Shishu Greh, Chhindwara. Lastly, “Chetana,” breaking away from the patriarchal naming norms.

Our first family selfie!

Our first family selfie!

While our roller coaster of a ride lasted less than 2 months, it was a lot longer for her, going from a small hospital in Tamia where she was first treated, to the District Hospital in Chhindwara where she finally started getting some much needed nourishment. Tamia came home with us on the 21st of March.

The last week was life changing for all of us, having to subject her to various medical tests, day long doctor visits. So many hopes, yet fears continued to fester. Finally we signed the papers to kickstart the process that would make her our daughter.

Despite growing up with Disha for the past 5 yrs, its definitely going to be an exciting new  journey ahead and Tamia shows all signs of enjoying it with us.
Big sister Disha wants to play with her all day long. She has proclaimed that she loves her sister Tamia at least a dozen times. She wants to be a part of all activities – feeding, changing, squeezing, singing and so on. Appa Karthik, with a gentle smile sings her to sleep, occasionally bouncing along with with her on our exercise ball. I have started wearing her in a ring sling, and after a few squirmy seconds, she has accepted it quite comfortably. Overall, we are settling in quite well.
Tamia learning to breastfeed.

Tamia latching on with nipple shield and learning to breastfeed.

Tamia has an ongoing eye infection, cough and cold, probably made severe because of her compromised nutrition. I could not help but think about how much breast milk would help her at this time. I have always wanted to nurse my adopted baby. Yesterday evening with the lowest of expectations, but a flame of hope and a fluttering stomach, I used a nipple shield and dropped formula from a bottle into it. She latched on and suckled for almost 15 mins! What may have helped is the memory of being wet nursed during her stay in the hospital as a newborn. We were told that at the District Hospital , the staff usually requests mothers of newborns to nurse premature babies admitted. I have made a lactation aid at home by watching Youtube videos, to help her latch on and learn how to nurse. I am hopeful that these aids will work, but  I plan taking this very slowly and realize that there will be a lot of back and forth.

Exciting times ahead with a baby in our family again. Parenting two children has its own dynamics, but we are confident of learning along the way. Or unlearning, as we “fancy unschoolers” love to say. ‘Parenting Rebooted’ – that’s what Karthik calls it anyway.

AskAmma congratulates Chetana, Karthik and Disha and joins them in welcoming baby Tamia to the family.  We wish them well and look forward to hearing more about their lives together.

  1. This is a great initiative and wishing you all a happy and prosperous life ahead !!!!!!!


  2. Wow…… Congrats karthik and chetna and disha! Will visit Tamia very soon 🙂


  3. Thanks Srikanth for the warm wishes! Hope to see you all very soon during your next Bangalore visit. Pls do convey the news to Periappa and Periamma too. We’ll call you all up soon 🙂


  4. Prachi – All this might not have happened but for the initial spark provided by you 4 yrs back! You’ve always been an inspiration to us! Thanks for everything and see u soon!!


  5. Awesome…i am proud of you guys!


  6. The hills are alive with the sound of Tamia… saying “Ammae! Ammae!”! 🙂

    – Khiyali


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