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Won’t some people be walking sideways?

In Wit on 15 December 2015 at 2:35 am

From Bangalore Chetana Amma shares this delightful question from 5 year old Disha:

Kids Just Say the Darnedest Things …

Disha and I saw a video about the planets, sun and earth. She had many many questions about what she saw. We even took her to the planetarium for a show. We made the solar system model using balls at home. We showed her the globe in my dad’s place, which was there since my child hood. We talked about how different places on earth have sunlight while other places have moonlight. After a few days of contemplation, she asked me, ” Amma, if the earth is round, then won’t some people be walking sideways, right side up, up side down?”

Such a wondrous thing to imagine!

Incidentally the question came up on Quora.  I liked the response of Kevin Guerrawho said:

They are, usually anyway, it’s just that when you go and visit, they all sit properly, they don’t like to be caught sitting upside down, you see?
Won't some people be sideways and upside down?  Image:  Quora

Won’t some people be sideways and upside down? Image: Quora


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