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So I made the Farrotto …

In Recipes on 11 March 2019 at 12:00 pm
Bob’s Red Mill Farro

As the delighted recipient of a bag of Bob’s Red Mill Farro from my dear friend Lisa who keeps introducing me to new ancient grains, I perused the recipe printed on the bag and became, if such a think can be imagined, even more delighted because I actually had the ingredients. They are: vegetable stock, olive oil, onion, garlic, farro, mushrooms, green peas, butter, cheese, black pepper, and salt.

Now the recipe printed on the label also calls for 1/4 cup dry white wine (optional) but as the instruction say “Add white wine, if using …” I concluded that we could safely omit the white wine. Also if you are amazed that I so glibly said that I had the very first ingredient on the list, namely “vegetable stock” the fact is that I had no such thing. What I did have, was the reassurance from none other than Mark Bittman that in lieu of soup stock, I could use water enhanced with pesto. And I had pesto!

What I have never had is Risotto. The recipe introduces itself by calling it a “new spin” on risotto. Notwithstanding the inherent discouragement inspired by such a statement, I forged ahead after duly soaking half a cup of farro overnight. I had already ground the remaining farro into flour, which I used to make bread using this recipe for Farro Nut Bread from Flavors of Italy.

Upon further reading I learned that farro is a generic name for three different grains – einkorn, spelt and emmer and the Farro in the Bob’s Red Mill packet is actually spelt. Wow, I wonder why they did not just call it spelt? Guess Speltoto doesn’t quote have the ring to it …

Back to the farrotto, it was yummy. And filling, too. Will certainly make again.

Farrotto with salad greens

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