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My Old Bra is My New Mask

In What on 5 April 2020 at 8:15 pm

Stuff I should have thrown out long ago that now is proving useful includes … lonely socks, broken hairbands, torn clothes that I knew I couldn’t wear, but couldn’t admit that I’d never mend or make into a quilt (!)… and a bra whose hooks I knew I’d never replace and hence was sitting in limbo in a box along with junk mail that I need to go through and recycle.

So when I went for a run this morning, I tied this old bra around my face.  Viola – it’s a mask.  I went early when hardly any one was out.  So I guess I count as an early adopter.  It is a simple thing to wear a mask and makes sense, so why not?  Planning to cut up those old clothes and socks to make masks as well.

running with mask low

In the hopes that one day people will be bewildered as to why we were wearing masks, let me explain.  Yes the CDC started saying that it would be a good idea during this COVID-19 pandemic for everyone to wear a mask in public, especially in closed spaces.  These days I have decided to stay ahead of the curve so I tried wearing the mask even though I was in an open space with no one around.

How does wearing a mask slow the spread of coronavirus?  Since asymptomatic people can spread the virus just by exhaling, some cloth barrier can blunt the force of the air coming out of one’s nose and mouth so that gravity brings viral droplets down to earth before they reach the nose of another.  It is no substitute for the N95 mask but it is better than nothing.  We should still stay at least 6 feet apart.  If I was going to an enclosed space I would wear a better mask.   Maybe with layers of socks sewn in.

Update – it seems you can even use a sock as a face covering – no sewing required – just find a sock you can stretch comfortably across your nose and mouth, make slits at the point where you would hook the sock to your ears and viola!  Great use for those lonely socks, eh?

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