Nine picture books (and the winner is .. .)

After celebrating Christmas as only the Town of Bel Air can, I gravitated towards the library to get some goodies. After feasting on a nine-course spree of picture books, I have a
question: Why is it that orphaned animals shine through with more character than orphaned children?

Picture Book Spree

As I was roaming the picture book aisles of our public library I thought, “I haven’t read any new picture … More

Early chapter books?

Just because a child has started reading well, you should not leave the picture book section. Alongside early chapter books, newly fluent readers and their families have a wealth of literature to explore.

Diaper-Free Reading List

Though I was surrounded, as a young mother, by people who, like the indigenous people Liedloff described, did not use diapers, I got key support for going diaper-free from online sources. Why rely on internet help to get back to nature?