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In Field Notes on 17 January 2014 at 4:34 am

Sridhar, Nanna of Shishir in Irvine shares delightful moments from life with his 2 year-old buddy – who no longer fits into the palm of his hands, but never misses a chance to ride on his Nanna’s back.

Wow, has it been really that long since he came into our lives? Shishir, our “Litil Titil” (that very cute rhyme that my equally cute wife Swetha coined in his 2nd month) has grown up very fast that last few months – a little too fast for my imagination, but the bond between us grows stronger each day. I don’t think Shishir yet realizes the significance of a father…or Nanna as a relation.

Sridhar and Shishir1

Shishir meets his Nanna, Sridhar

Though he has been calling me Nanna for the past one year or so (by the way, he’s got at least 10 different variants of “calling” his Nanna depending on his mood ranging from excitement, urgency, impatience, affection etc. etc.), I think he treats me primarily as his play buddy, something I love dearly!!!

Right through all those days where he comfortably fit in my palms, I used to best enjoy putting him to sleep in the night. The gentle swaying, humming short repetitive tunes used to bring a short smile onto his baby face…in that last second before he used to fall into his blissful sleep. Well, now he no longer fits in my palms and moreover the simple mechanism of humming to put him to sleep no longer works. In fact, he defined his own routine of late – he wants to draw something on his board, then wants his Amma or me to watch him do his latest Animal Farm puzzle and then read snippets of his favorite Night Time read(s)…(“Chinna” or small) Good Night Moon and (“Peddha” or big) Good Night Moon (We were at the local library a couple of months ago and funny enough, amongst all the books there, he checked out the “pedda” version of his prized possession, Good Night Moon, a paper-back bigger copy as I would guess that he thought it would be bigger and better…).

Anyways, after all those daily rituals, he would then want both of us by his side, singing for him a lullaby he picks and he finally sleeps after putting us to sleep first. It is so much fun just to think about those instances and all his little idiosyncrasies, and to relive them day after day is just unbelievably entertaining.

Shishir gets a ride on the elephant's back.

Shishir gets a ride on the elephant’s back.

He and I share a game that’s exclusive to just the both of us – “Enugamma Enugu” (or Elephant…Elephant). I remember around his 9th or 10th month, I started mounting him on my back and crawling from room to room) – I, his Enugu (Elephant) taking him around and he took to those rides a lot! The funny thing is – if he sees me in a horizontal position anywhere in the room, he quickly stops whatever he is doing – puzzles, riding his bicycle or running around and quickly hops onto my back and gives me a nudge, the Enugu has to rise up and take his little prince on a short tour around the house.

Both Swetha and I keep cherishing all such fond memories of him thus far and keep smiling…may such memories remain forever and keep growing!

Sridhar Vemuri is a volunteer for AID and contributes mostly for the LA-OC chapter of AID. Swetha, Shishir and Sridhar reside in Irvine, CA.

AskAmma thanks Sridhar for sharing this note, part of a series of Field Notes bringing diverse views from readers’  experiences to the AskAmma community.

  1. This reminds me of K carrying D on his shoulders when we went out. They would sing continuously or run on the footpaths. Yes, its constant entertainment 🙂


    • Shishir connects a lot to singing as well 🙂 he loves it when Swetha and I get together to sing for him. He usually completes the words at the end of each sentence and other words in between and hums with us…


  2. Nice piece Sridhar. Sishir is adobrable! By the way, does Sishir mean the same thing in Telegu? In Bangla it means dew drops.


    • Thank you 🙂 Yes, “Shishir” has very similar meaning in Telugu as well. The various synonyms are coolness/a person who brings coolness. Maybe the deeper meaning is in fact, dew drops.


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