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Intellectual Stimuli in Two Minutes

In What on 23 August 2012 at 3:32 am
 After becoming a mother I just seem not to have time to read anything more substantial than ingredients lists and blog posts.  I miss my college days, I can’t access the online journals anymore, and rarely get to read anything that gives me the same surge of intellectual excitement. 
– Mama, no longer in the Ivory Tower
Amma feels your pain.  Fortunately, the precious balm is at hand.  PhD students around the world have given a wonderful gift to busy people who thirst for quick fixes of academic thought bubbles, with the encouragement of Jorge Cham, cartoonist behind PhD Comics.  Here is a treasure trove of newly minted and in-progress dissertation research explained in two minutes!  Browse the list and hear about a variety of topics being pursued in Universities from Sorbonne to Slovenia, Tehran to Toledo.  It is amazing!  Almost better than being there at the defense itself (Ah … nostalgia!) Read the rest of this entry »
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