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Sunscreen … really?

In Yes / No on 8 June 2013 at 3:35 am
I am in a dilemma about whether I should start applying sunscreen to my daughter.  On a sunny day, she has red cheeks which go back to normal in a few hours.  Apart from a little tanning, our skin tone is not threatened by any sun burn, and in our childhood and even adult life, we never used sunscreen.  A friend mentioned that we must apply before swimming or on the beach because  water and sun combination makes sun extra dangerous.
But I am reluctant to apply sunscreen because the titanium or zinc dioxide present forms a thick impenetrable layer closing the spore, preventing sweating and thereby toxic elimination through skin which is normal body mechanism. That itself makes me wonder if it causing more harm than helping people. 
– Mama of a 1.5 year old in Connecticut
To sun or not to sun?  That is the question.
Whether it is nobler in the sun to bask
Risking UV rays, sunburn, and worse
Or to arm ourselves with Vitamin D
And cleanse ourselves through sweat
And by boosting our immunity, brave them?

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Vitamin D for baby?

In What on 5 September 2012 at 10:15 pm

 I read an article about the need for Vitmain D supplementing for exclusively breastfed babies.  We will start taking her in sunlight starting her 2nd month but I am not sure if that will suffice.

– mother of a newborn in Texas
Why avoid sunlight now?  Your baby will make vitamin D from sun and also get it through your milk, provided you are getting enough sun. How much sun you need varies according to latitude and skin type but even if you take a walk or play outside for half an hour you’re in business, provided the sun was shining and actually reached some area on the body that was not covered with sunscreen or clothing.  Under-exposure to sun is as risky as over-exposure.  Our Old Grey Fair Lady also cautions about the risk of too much Vitamin D.  Epidemiology Professor Robyn Lucas says in To D or not to D, “it’s not possible to make too much vitamin D from sun exposure – but that is a very real possibility from ingesting vitamin D.”

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