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Simple home-made substitute for energy bars.

In Recipes on 17 October 2010 at 4:10 am

Simple home-made substitute for energy bars.

In a breakthrough for whole food and reduced packaging, necessity made me invent this easily transportable snack while staying with a friend in Dallas. My daughter was attending a 5-day program at the Dallas museum, and needed to take along lunch and snack. My friend regularly stocked puffed kamut for her 1-year old. I poured some puffs, sunflower seeds, walnuts and chopped dates into a small tiffin dabba and shook it up. Viola! Better than an energy bar! She could eat as much as she wanted and we could refill as needed. Some days puffs would need to be replenished; other days dates – she could vary the mix with every handful she ate. Moreover I could use a variety of organic nuts, dried fruits and puffed grains and come out cheaper than bars which run $10 – $15 / lb, often contain unwanted ingredients, are usually too sweet, and come in wrappers.

  1. Puffed kamut is the most wonderful snack that u have introduced to us for my daughter! she has had so much fun with it since she was 9 months old and played with it, put it in her stroller cup and now even counts with it! I have put raisins and dates in it but she really enjoys it plain so i want to keep that as is for her as long as she is enjoying it.


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