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7 year-old … ennui and rage

In Why on 10 April 2011 at 6:42 am

Sometimes we just can’t recognize our 7 year old anymore. She has always been eager, helpful, considerate and co-operative. Now she often doesn’t like anything and at times her temper is through the roof! Help!!!
– Mom in Mumbai

From what I have gathered through experience, observation and conversation, 7 years can be a difficult time of transition from early childhood to early kid-hood. While I can’t fully explain what is happening, I can share something that seems to have helped in our family. During one of my late night sessions on, I read about a family who had regular family meetings to solve any problems big or small that any member wanted to bring to the table. A marvellous idea. So we tried it one day. My husband, daughter and I sat together and I explained what we were doing and we went around the circle to say how we were (as we did in our co-op meetings in Madison). After this round, our daughter walked out of the meeting.

Two days later, however, she called a family meeting. We’ve been having them ever since 343

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