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Was the Learning Societies Conference useful?

In Yes / No on 14 June 2011 at 3:15 pm

Please do share with us more details about the learning conference. Was it useful and would you attend it again?
– Chetana from Bangalore

Well it was a relaxing time mainly because of the company and of course the location – in the Himalayas. People were there with lots of energy and enthusiasm. To be frank the conference program was not much to write home about. Informal chats / activities on puppetry, peace, play sprung up and were quite engaging. Even when nothing sprung up, the hills, the stream, the skies, periodically dotted with paragliders, were enough to immerse oneself in. Kids had a marvelous time running around, making things out of clay, rocks, etc and one farmer was kind enough to let them harvest peas and dig a little. We also met AID Saathis Michael, Manshi and others who were part of AID in some way. We served rice cooked in the EZ Cooker too! Someone posted a video of one of the sessions, which she called Wisdom and Salt Water.

    I loved that conference! I had friends to play with, and we had a lot of fun spying and and trying to make a ‘shop’ It was really really (about 1,000,000 ‘really’s here) FUN! – A kid


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