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Is it okay to let him cry?

In Yes / No on 10 April 2011 at 6:40 am

Crying – is it ok to let him wail and cry when he asks for the breast or is crying harmful for him? My instinct is to pick him up when he cries but others discourage that…

Breastfeeding on demand vs on schedule – A__ can’t seem to follow a schedule and wants to be at the breast all day. At night he sleeps for 2 three hour stretches but from morning till the day is over he feeds more with only cat naps in the middle. Why is he doing this and how should I handle it?
– new mom from Palampur

Your son knows what he wants and it will only do good and certainly no harm to listen to him – think of it as a 9 month training program where he teaches you how to be his parents and you teach him about the world.. Infants need round-the-clock feeding, holding etc. If he can get his needs met without having to cry, he will have more time and energy to develop his other senses, communication skills, observation & analytical skills.

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