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Should I give baby vitamins?

In Yes / No on 10 April 2011 at 6:38 am

When I went to get my daughter’s check-up done, the doc said she’s not been putting enough weight and prescribed her vitamin supplement drops. I am not sure if this is necessary she’s 4months and weighs 5kgs (birthweight was 2.75kg).

– Rajitha, new mom in Mumbai

Going by the recommended weight gain of 100-200 grams per week, your daughter’s weight gain is within the expected range. If you think she needs more food, consider if you could feed her more often. Remember to switch breasts and try If she is already nursing whenever she wants, as long as she wants, then she is getting what she needs. Since your body will give priority to the baby, it is possible that you need to make sure you are getting all your nutrients. In general it is recommended that mothers continue to take prenatal vitamins & minerals for at least 2 years while breastfeeding, though of course it is (more) important to eat a balanced diet of whole grains, fresh seasonal foods.

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