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Shake a leg!

In Field Notes, How on 16 January 2013 at 8:10 am

Shake a Leg!

from Praveen, Nanna to 6 month-old Vihaan in Baltimore

Parenthood has be the most joyous relationship we have experienced. Right from Vihaan’s birth till date we have not followed any fixed protocol when it comes to playing and spending time with him.

Everyday is a new experience for us and we make sure he experiences some thing new each day. From the very beginning, my MIL made sure all of us talked to him like we talk to each other. Till date we spend most of the time taking to him with wide expressions and gestures. I also dance for him once in a while, move my arms shake my legs. Last night I just moved my fingers like an octopus’ arms and he just loved it and started to laugh. The key thing to keep him engaged or make him show some keenness into every thing is to provide him a variety. Be it with toys (like spoons, cups, containers apart from the regular toys) or be it with expressions or baby talk. Having said that there are certain things that he always likes, for example, all the basic rhymes, ABCD, baba black sheep, twinkle twinkle is some thing he loves to listen when he is drinking his milk.

We have discovered that he loves certain Bollywood expressions like, chaiya chaiya, oh la la la, et al. Not the songs just those couple of words that sounds interesting to him. We come up with our own words and expressions and he has loved it.

Of late, he has started to like balls. We noticed his affinity towards balls when he was first introduced to them in Swarith annaya’s place. After which we got him a couple of balls and he loves me juggling them. He loves to see bright changing colors. He loves to watch TV, some times we break the rules and let him see the colorful screen for a couple of minutes.

Even though he has enough toys to play with, he enjoys listening and talking (yes, talking !! he has stared to make loud expressions, and some times when all of us are busy he reminds us that we have left him alone) to amma, nanna and nanamma. He also loves talking to his ammamma and tatha over the phone 🙂


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