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16 ways to play with a baby

In Field Notes, How on 23 January 2013 at 4:59 pm

16 ways to play with a baby
from Abhishek, Papa of 1 year-old Aarya in Connecticut:

Here are a few games we play together

1) peak-a-boo with a blanket
2) hide and seek- where she hides, I find her and say “boom”
3) catch me if you can – when I catch I tickle her belly
4) where is papa’s nose ( we call it nosey), we do that for ever with papa, mumma, Aarya, baba (grandfather), nani (grandmother) and her toys- sofie, elizah, micky, mini and basanti
5) we stack rings and roll balls
6) I sing animal sound song
7) we read her book – her favorite book “baby day”
8) when I wave a blanket, she comes running to grab it and swing on it
9) Show and tell-she points at various thing with her fingers and I tell her what they are
10) counting her toes and fingers
11) we nuzzle our noses
12) we make funny faces and funny noises and she laughs- she tries to grab my tongue, she examines my teeth
13) using a small flash light, I make shadows with my hand and she tries to grab it
14) she loves to play with water, she splashes her drinking water on her high chair table
15) when I pour water, she tries to hold it between her fingers
16) she is fascinated with my cameras, I let her play with them, she loves to push buttons, put cap on the lens

AskAmma thanks Abhishek for sharing this note, part of a series on Play.
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