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Books, movies, puzzles …

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Books, movies, puzzles …
from Murthy, Nanna to 9-year-old Sahith in Seattle

Here are some things that Sahith and I enjoy together. I had to stretch the time into last year also for some of the fun activities 🙂

Murthy and Sahith

– talking about characters and events in the books he reads (for example, the recent Ranger’s Apprentice)
– watching superhero movies such as spiderman
– singing some songs when Sahith is in the mood — usually, having him take the lead in conducting/singing/directing the song gives him extra motivation and incentive.

– bicycling — did this a lot last year.
– harmless wrestling — did this quite a bit last year, simple ground-rules such as not using legs and always doing it on the bed, makes it safe. Sahith has quite a bit of fun with this.
– putting together jigsaw puzzles

hmm… what else? I’m sure there are some that I can’t remember now. All I can think of at the moment is how often he says “can I go read now?” 🙂

AskAmma thanks Murthy for sharing this note, part of a series on Play.
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