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In Recipes on 19 September 2013 at 2:06 pm

We are all about breakfast!    Lunch often has to be pack-able and dinner  comes with its own expectations, but breakfast allows for great variety, not to mention decoration.

Next question … what’s for breakfast?  Below is a visual menu of simple, delicious breakfast options – click on a picture for details.  Guess what, they are all vegan as well.

A familiar choice is  ragi – usually with fruit and nut though I have also had it with buttermilk, as is popular in Andhra.  Idli, dosa and pesarottu are standard favorites, of course and we love them dearly.  For a quick breakfast, I love toast topped with sliced fruit. Add some nut or nut-butter and the combination is fantastic.  For savory toppings, hummous, pesto or పచ్చడి (pickle) along with some cucumber or tomato slices go well together. Oats also led themselves to variety – cooked with some vegetables or topped with fruit and nut. Or just toasted and made into granola!  Check out this visual menu and bring some variety to the breakfast table.

Nothing sets up the day like a hearty, fresh breakfast … make a habit of it.

Oatmeal fun for everyone.

Oatmeal fun for everyone.

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