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Party Treats

In Recipes, What on 15 January 2014 at 2:30 pm

I’d have called this post “Healthy Party Treats” but in present company that goes without saying, doesn’t it?  When I was little, people used the word “healthy” pronounced hell-thee as a synonym for “fat.”  I would say “euphemism” except that it was actually kind of a compliment.  Pleasantly plump, with pleasantly understood.  Ah how times change.

Tender Coconut  - fun for all ages

Tender Coconut – fun for all ages

What makes a food a party food …?  Is it merely something you don’t eat every day, eaten in the company of people you don’t meet every day?  Which if you think about it, means almost anything counts!  A plate of carrot sticks will disappear in no time amidst a lively crowd and yet who would think of carrots as party food?  (Present company, no doubt.)  Make it look pretty and put it in bite-size portions and presto, the party is on.

And what about party drinks?  My favorite is the tender coconut.  Refreshing, comes in its own package and is great fun for all ages.

But hey, I know you are looking for more than carrot sticks.  So I have thrown in cucumber sticks!  Just kidding … here are some more picked up from Simple Snacks and Simple Raw Snacks.  Please send in your favorites as well, we’ll add them here.

  1. LOL! Loved the humor. Nothing can beat a tender coconut for a party. And bhel puri- you can add any seed- til, sunflower, melon. Throw in some sprouted moong beans for extra flavor- yummy


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