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Travel Rendezvous

In Field Notes on 17 January 2014 at 4:38 am

Swetha, Amma of 2 year-old Shishir in Irvine, talks about the joys of travel with her little one. 

First Train Ride

First Train Ride in Maui

We travelled quite a bit in Shishir’s 2nd year and to be precise, the travel adventure started when he turned one year old. Shishir and I went to India the day after he turned 1 and his dad joined us 10 days later. It was a very eventful trip and the main purpose was to introduce him to all of our extended family and close friends and spend some quality time with his maternal grand-parents. It was a month long hectic trip but Shishir really enjoyed meeting everyone and my family was very delighted to spend time with our little one. It made us realize how much he likes socializing.

The next trip we made was to Folsom in northern California in May 2013. It was Shishir’s first visit to his maternal aunt and uncle. Although it was only a weekend trip we made the most of it by visiting the local zoo for a couple of hours, he enjoyed watching the birds and the monkeys and most of all, the big California brown bear, he could relate the bear he saw in a book called Brown Bear… Brown Bear to the real bear he was seeing.



Then it was time for Hawaii in august, Sridhar and I planned this trip kind of in the last minute as we felt the need for a break. Shishir played along really well. The flight was 5 hours each way and I was prepared with enough snacks and lunch for us and lots of books and some miscellaneous items to keep him busy. We rented an ocean front condo in Maui and thoroughly enjoyed it.

We visited the Maui Ocean Center aquarium and had lot of fun. Shishir was fascinated with the fishes of different colors and sharks. He even touched a starfish when he saw others touching and feeling it.

We also went on Shishir’s first train ride and it was a memorable experience. He was fascinated by the scenic views.

We went to a beach for couple of hours in the morning of the day of our return as the weather was just perfect. Shishir and I wet our feet in the water and played with the waves and then we sat on the sand and stared at the ocean.

Thanksgiving weekend was family time – we took a road trip to Bay Area. Shishir’s birthday was on Thanksgiving day which worked out perfectly as we celebrated he turning 2 with our family and friends.

That was our travel adventure in 2013. We are hoping to visit local attractions like farms and zoos in 2014 along with one or two long distance trips.

AskAmma thanks Swetha for sharing this note, part of a series of Field Notes bringing diverse views from readers’  experiences to the AskAmma community.
  1. Oh yes! Traveling can be so much fun with your little one. Though now-a-days we can have a little rebellion on our hands if the travel time is too much during the day. But visiting new or old places and people, is something all of us look forward to.


  2. Swetha, it is a very thoughtful initiative on your part to introduce Shishir to his roots early. This way he will feel the attachment many people fail to feel when they live in an alien land. I enjoyed reading this lovely personal post.


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