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Tricolour Kura

In Recipes on 27 August 2014 at 2:34 am

This tricolour kura is really simple and looks pretty.  Great for potlucks or just for everyday dinners.

Peas, carrots and tofu kura.

Peas, carrots and tofu kura.


Note that all of these measurements are guesswork on my part as I have never measured them and am unlikely to do so.

½ kg carrots, sliced in circles or cubed
½ kg peas
½ kg cauliflower, chopped  or tofu, cubed
3 TBS సెనగ పప్పు (chana dal)
2 TBS మిన పప్పు (urad dal)
1½ tsp  జీలకర్ర  (cumin seed)
1 tsp ఆవాలు (mustard seed)
oil, salt, పసుపు  (turmeric)
కరివేపాకు (curry leaf)
optional:  1 green chili, chopped and/or 1 dried red chili pepper. 

Step 1:  తిరగమూత 

Tiragamuta is the seasoning traditionally added to cooked vegetable or legume based dishes.  It involves sizzling spices (as well as some split legumes) in oil.   There are a few standard combinations and this is one that we commonly use for kura, or stir-fried vegetables.  Note: I like a lot of tiragamuta, some (e.g. my mom) would balk at these measurements, so feel free to vary them.  It’s not like I ever measured them myself.

Heat a tablespoon of oil to medium high in a skillet and add the chana dal.  Keep moving it around with a wooden spatula as it sizzles.  After a minute or so add the urad dal and let both sizzle and lightly brown as you move them around with the spatula.  Add the cumin seed and chili peppers and let them sizzle.  Finally add the mustard seed and let it pop.

Step 2:   If you are using tofu then add the tofu and sauté it for 6-8 minutes until it looks a little toasted.  It will not exactly brown but it may look less white.

Step 3:  Add the vegetables as well as salt to taste.  Probably ½ tsp.  Add a dash of turmeric for a lovely yellow color.  You can add the curry leaves now if you haven’t already.  Stir every 2-3 minutes on medium high heat for about 10 minutes, followed by about 10 more minutes on medium low heat.   Be sure not to overcook the cauliflower.

Optional: You may steam the carrots, peas and cauliflower in advance by putting them in the microwave oven in a covered bowl with a little water to cover the bottom of the bowl.  You can microwave the peas and carrots in the same bowl for about 4 minutes.  If you microwave the cauliflower be very careful not to overcook it.   If you precook the vegetables then they only need to cook for 5 minutes in the skillet to help them absorb the flavor of the spices.  You can also pre-cook the carrots and peas by boiling them for 5 minutes in a regular pot or even a pressure cooker but please don’t do that to the cauliflower because then it will surely be overcooked.   If you pre-cook the carrots and peas, then add the cauliflower first so that it gets to cook in high heat and then add the carrots and peas for the final five minutes of cooking time.


  1. Colorful veggie delight…
    Can I add in some diced cottage cheese?


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