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Baby Skin Care

In How, Recipes on 5 September 2012 at 10:16 pm

What should I use to bathe my newborn baby? Her skin seems to be peeling off ­čśŽ

– mom of a newborn who is not exactly like her first-born

Newborn skin peeling, while apparently normal, seems to be one of those things that you know will stop, yet, you worry till it does.

Regarding bathing, what I use and recommend for young and old alike is besan, or chickpea flour. Sunnipindi mung dal (green gram) flour mixed with rice flour – feels even better but requires mixing two ingredients rather than just one. Be it besan or sunnipindi, I simply add water to make a paste, rub on the skin and rinse off. If you leave it to dry for a minute, you have to rub while rinsing, getting the exfoliating effect. Voila – clean, smooth, baby-soft skin. Some people get fancy and mix in yogurt, oats, honey, or dry flowers, neem leaves, orange peels, turmeric etc. ┬áSo if your little one gets his oatmeal all over his face, he just may be onto the secret of a glowing complexion!

Make sure your oranges aren’t sprayed or your turmeric artificially coloured.┬áAn even simpler approach is to use plain water, especially if bath is primarily a time for ┬áplay and relaxation.

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